Gotham by Geeks ep 103 Failsafe

On this episode we catch up with the first arc of Batman & Detective comics by the new creative teams which include issues  Batman 125-130 by Chip Zdarsky, Jorge Jimenez, Belen Ortega, Tomeu Morey, Luis Guerrero, Clayton Cowles Detective Comics 1062-1065 by Ram V, Simon Spurrier, Rafael Alburquerque, Dani, Dave Stewart, Steve Wands,  click here…

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Culture Trappin Cindy Sanabria

For this special episode we are joined by filmmaker Cindy Sanabria aka Slaughter Cin to talk about a very special project Merciless Xmas a revenge/slasher film. In the interview we talk about her start in movie making and the importance of having more diversity not just in front of the lens but behind it as…

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No Apologies 441 The Hard R

Darrell, Raf & Gil recap the fun night watching Donny Salvo of Nothings On podcast perform live on stage along with catching up with Raf partying all weekend in DC with beautiful white women, plus discussing the Apple tv show Shrinking, Donalds Glover’s new series Swarm on Amazon Prime, some scandalous accusations from Victoria Alonso…

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Nothings On 471 The Comedy Club

The guys discuss Donny’s performance at the comedy show along with answering emails, discussing the most recent tv/film news plus Darrell watched John Wick Chapter 4 & gives a non spoiler review   Email us what you watched at  Spotify Click here for Stitcher radio Google Play Click here for the Itunes link 

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