Greetings earthlings! This is Time & Relative DISCUSSIONS In Space (TARDIS), a Doctor Who & other Cult Classics themed podcast brought to you by the Taylor Network of Podcast.

Join The Captain and his two faithful companions Paul Sherman and Darrell Taylor as we embark on adventures through space and time. Together we will travelers to the different worlds and universes of our favored cult tv, films, books and comics.

We will give you the latest news, reviews, and in depth discussion on classic episodes and our favorite shows e.g. favorite villains, characters and much more!

This podcast is for fans both old and new. Maybe we will discuss your favorite show or introduce you to something you’ve never seen before.

Tardis podcast ep 27 Oompla Loompas

The Tardis podcast ep 26 Spyfall

The Tardis podcast ep 25 He-man and the Masters of the Universe

Tardis podcast ep 24 Robots

Tardis podcast ep 23 Buffy Season One

The Tardis podcast special: The Tardis regenerates

The Tardis podcast ep 22 Dr Who Dalek movies

The Tardis ep:21 Who’s wearing Who?

Tardis Ep 20 Doctor Who The Movie

The Tardis podcast ep 19 Doctor Who are you wearing?

The Tardis podcast ep 17 Dad and Daleks

The Tardis podcast ep 16 Season overview

The Tardis podcast ep 15 Sheffield Steel

Tardis ep 14 Amy’s Song

Tardis podcast ep 13 Goodbye Ledworth, Hello Everything

Tardis podcast ep 12 I DON’T WANT TO GO

Tardis podcast ep 11 SONTAR-ANS DAUGHTERS

Tardis ep 10 Lord and Master

The TARDIS podcast ep 9 The Universe is Calling

The TARDIS podcast ep 8 The Day Rose Died

The TARDIS podcast ep 7 Werewolves, Robots & Cats 

The TARDIS podcast ep 6 Season one overview

The TARDIS podcast ep 5 Rose

The Tardis Podcast ep 4 Genesis of the Daleks

The TARDIS Podcast ep 2 Top Regenerations

The TARDIS podcast ep 1 Twice Upon A Time

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