No Apologies ep 330 Green neck

Souldja Boy, George Perez, Nightwing, Spider-Man Far Away from home, Shazam, John Wick 3, True Detective, Young Justice, The Punisher season two, Clint Eastwood, Young Justice, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man, Venom, Avengers, Jessica Jones, This podcast is sponsored by Discount Comic… Read More ›

Venom Adds to Cast

Variety is reporting Jenny Slate is in talks to join the cast of the coming Venom film. She is allegedly going to play a scientist in the film. She joins previously announced cast members Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed. Slate’s many credits include Gifted, Aardvark, The Polka King, Obvious Child and Amazon’s Landline. She just… Read More ›