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Gotham by Geeks: Batman Hush

Darrell Taylor, Chris Campbell, Michael Myers and Russ Latham cover one of Batman’s most financially  successful storylines written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by Jim Lee- BATMAN HUSH You can help decide what our next comic book discussion will be for the next book club episode so subscribe to our twitter and facebook page to…

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Gotham by Geeks ep 4 : Year One

  This is the first episode where we all focus on one Batman Essential book and this month it is Batman: Year One.  On top of that we also discuss the Top 5 love interests of Bruce Wayne. Send us your feedback to thetaylornetworkofpodcasts@gmail.com and we’ll read it on the show. Follow us on Twitter…

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Gotham will have a two episode arc introducing the comic character Firefly. Although the comic version is male the tv version will be played by  Michelle Veintimilla who will play Bridgit Pike, a  firestarter and vengeful supervillain. Veintimilla’s Firefly will appear in episodes five and six. The official description is official character description, this version of Firefly is “enslaved by…