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Scarlet Spider Features Classic Costume

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider hits shelves in April. The Marvel book comes from the creative team of Peter David and Mark Bagley. It was previously announced at the ComicsPRO annual meeting that Reilly would be wearing his classic blue hoodie. According to Marvel, “this costume change isn’t back-tracking the creators of the book, but rather a story-driven change leading…

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JK’s Happy Hour: Peter David!

In this week’s episode, Darrell and J.K. talk a bit about their upcoming appearance on Double Page Spread for their second annual “Top Ten” episode, the new addition to Taylor Network family: The Valiant Podcast, Thanksgiving Day festivities and who would win in a battle between Doctor Who vs. Galactus. 00:15:49 – CAPTAIN MARCUS BERTRAND’S LOG Back…

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