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DC Beginnings: Lobo

I am your host Darrell Taylor and this is our second dc character spotlight episode we cover the toughest interstellar mercenary in the galaxy “Lobo” and joining me to discuss this is Hassan who is also a cohost on the Gotham by Geeks podcast that is also on the TaylorNetwork. Follow us on twitter @stars_podcast…

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Batman/Elmer Fudd Crossover Confirmed

Did I mention that I’m currently writing an elmer Fudd/Batman noir? FUDD: You seem to take a wot of wong turns at Albuquerwque. — Tom King (@TomKingTK) February 22, 2017 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Nope, that’s no joke. DC Comics teased a crossover event between the company’s superheroes and their Looney Tunes brand, and it’s happening. Tom King , whose credits…

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Rants and Raves ep 17

This week, Mike & Rene talk up….    Borderlands: The Handsome Collection  ,   The Came Together ,    Angry Birds 2    Texas teenager arrested after a homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb ,  Republican Debate ,  Omega Men    Fact Checking The Republican Debate at Factcheck.org.  Star Wars original theatrical versions rumored to finally being re­released (this time with a good  source!)   iTunes link , Hipcast player , download  

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