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Gotham by Geeks ep 72 Tom King

  With almost 50 issues under his belt we have returning guest Tom King to discuss everything from his first arc to the incredible heartbreaking Batman Annual issue 2 with some teases of whats the come for the next coming year of Batman. We want to thank everyone for the great questions for Tom which…

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Gotham by Geeks Book Club Poll

It’s that magical time of month… POLL TIME!! Those crazy kids at Gotham by Geeks want YOU to vote. This months options are: Darrell’s choice: Judas Contract Chris’ choice: Batman RIP Russ’ choice: JLA Earth 2 Mike’s choice: Batman/Lobo Deadly Serious     Vote and SHARE!! Let’s do this!!!

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New Poll: Gotham by Geeks

Listen up! The folks from Gotham by Geeks are looking for YOUR input on which book will be covered next. The short list includes Batman Hush , Batman Dark Victory, New Teen Titans: The Judah Contract and Kingdom Come. Vote and share! Haven’t check out the show yet? Well, click HERE, kids!!    

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