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Ed Skrein Departs Hellboy Reboot

Only last week it was announced Ed Skrein had been cast in the coming Hellboy: Rise Of The Blood Queen film in the role of Major Ben Daimio. The announcement was met with immediate backlash as the the character is of Asian heritage in the comics. As a result, Skrein has departed from the project. In a statement to Deadline, Hellboy producers Larry Gordon and…

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Ed Skrein Joins Cast of Hellboy

Ed Skrein, who recently played Francis Freeman in Deadpool, will be taking on the role of Benjamin Daimio in the coming Hellboy film. The character is a a supernaturally-powered agent working for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. In the comics, Daimio possesses the power to turn into a jaguar after, as a member of the United States Marine Corps, he…

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