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Gotham by Geeks War Games book 2

We talk about some bat related news of the day and pick another winner before finishing our coverage on Batman War Games Writers- A. J. Lieberman, Bill Willingham, Andersen Gabrych, Devin Grayson, Dylan Horrocks, Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka Artists- Raymond Bachs, Pete Woods, Brad Walker, Mike Lilly, Sean Phillips, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Jon Proctor, Thomas Derenick,…

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Culture Trappin ep 20 Free Smoke

With Darrell and Shawn back from Heroes con the boys get into health issues, crazy Chris Claremont , Ed Piskor, unfinished Kickstarters, Disney, Warner Media, Instagram, No more Star Wars solo films, Incredibles 2 Solo, Death of Superman, Chris Hardwick and Batman Wargames Check out Shawn Pryors Kickstarter: LIFTED: OF GODS AND THIEVES Akira Yoshida…

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