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Secret Empire Tie In Solicitations

Marvel’s Secret Empire event starts with a special zero issue and continues in a Free Comics Book Day release. The event continues with a nine-issue series, one-shots, and tie-in chapters. Here are three tie in books: Source: CBR CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #17 Written by: NICK SPENCER Art: ANDRES GUINALDO Cover: ELIZABETH TORQUE SECRET EMPIRE TIE-IN!…

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Marvel: Civil War II Tie-Ins

Marvel Comics revealed more at Saturday afternoon’s Marvel: Civil War II at C2E2 in Chicago. Along with the miniseries from writer Dan Abnett with art by Emilio Laiso Marvel a six-issue Civil War II: Choosing Sides miniseries was announced. Set to starting in June, it features a cover with previously released teasers by Jim Cheung. The anthology series’ issue stars Nick Fury,…

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