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Behemoth Concludes with #4 TOMORROW

Written by Chris Kipiniak, Behemoth features art by J.K. Woodward. Right there are two solid reasons to grab this book. What’s Behemoth? Theresa woke up to find herself changing into a monster. She’s taken from her family and put into an internment camp with other kids going through the same thing. She is given a choice: she can…

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Join Deadpool Core. Now.

Some of us are counting the days until our pal Deadpool hits the big screen. The Fox film now has DeadpoolCore – newsletterservice to provide us with “emails filled with mind-blowing, butt-jiggling, Bea-Arthur lovin’ 50,000 bajigowatts of awesome.” I checked out the site to see WTF. And of course, the site does have a ‘F.U.Q.’ section – Frequently Unanswered Questions. Here…

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Written by: Kieron Gillen Art: Angel Unzueta Cover: John Cassaday • Galactic espionage hits the Empire-hard! •  Haarkon Dak has been undercover in the Imperial bureaucracy for years… •  …but now, he’s the only chance to save Rebel sympathetic senators! Rated T Item Code: OCT150941 In Shops: 12/9/2015 SRP: $4.99  

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Written by: James Robinson Art: Vanesa Del Cover art: David Aja Witchcraft is broken – and the SCARLET WITCH is on a journey across the globe to fix it. From the back alleys of Manhattan, to the serene Greek Isles, to the bustling streets of Hong Kong, Wanda will have to face down her foes and…

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Writers and artists: Various Cover Art:  Kris Anka • AN ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT MARVEL HOLIDAY SPECIAL! •  She-Hulk throws a holiday party and invites the entire Marvel U! •  Deadpool teams up with both Hawkeyes – Kate and Clint – to…stop a pickpocket?! •  Ms. Marvel takes on her most dangerous threat yet: the holiday blues! •  And then there’s the…

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