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Magnumcast ep 27 Sound Arrows

The guys review the episodes Of Sound Mind and The Arrow That is Not Aimed. Listen to what they have to say. We know you’re intrigued. Luke Foster Cartoonist The Center of Somewhere Drawn Away: A Cartoonist Tours America Moon Freight 3 The Gang From the Store:  True Tales From the Comic…

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Double Page Spread ep 159 HeroesCon

Live from Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC, it’s Double Page Spread! First up is an interview with the legendary Mike Grell, writer/artist on “The Warlord”, “Jon Sable, Freelance”, and “Starslayer”. We discuss his influential work on “Green Arrow” and what he thinks of the show “Arrow”, dream casting of Jon Sable, adapting James Bond, stories…

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Wades World ep 11 Summertime

Martheus, Janet and Anakin are back. After a LOOOOONG hiatus that took the family from the woods of Camp Kia Kima, to the convention halls of Anime Blues Con, the Wades have a lot to fill you in on. Join them as they talk Boy Scout Camping, Drawing for Patreon, Indy Comics, Comic Conventions, Overwatch,…

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