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JK’s Happy Hour: Peter David!

In this week’s episode, Darrell and J.K. talk a bit about their upcoming appearance on Double Page Spread for their second annual “Top Ten” episode, the new addition to Taylor Network family: The Valiant Podcast, Thanksgiving Day festivities and who would win in a battle between Doctor Who vs. Galactus. 00:15:49 – CAPTAIN MARCUS BERTRAND’S LOG Back…

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Darrell’s Snuggie Knows Best

Better late than never – here is Darrell “The Mogul” Taylor’s pick of the week: I must give credit to an evil Scone film, “The Master”, which did a great job of capturing one man’s failing struggle to find peace within himself. The performance of Joaquin Phoenix (Freddie Quell) was captivating on-screen. Philip Seymour Hoffman…

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