Nothing’s On episode # 438 Pokemon mafia

This week the guys talk about the halftime show, super bowl trailers, a little bit of a wrestling corner, news, emails, lightning round and what we’ve watched

Halftime show, AEW, Uncharted, Lindsey Pearlman, Ivan Reitman, Doctor Strange 2, Nope, Elvis, The Wonder Twins, Greg Berlanti, Jensen Ackles, The Peacemaker, Futurama, Stranger Things, Star Trek 4, Shoresy, The Tinder Swindler, Razzle con, Blockbuster, Xero, NCIS Sydney, F#cking Identical Twins, Beavis & Butthead, SEAL Team, Billions, Disney, Star Wars, Bioshock, Jon Cena, 50 cent, Catwoman: Hunted, The Cuphead Show, Nightmare Alley, Last Night in Soho, Pivot, The Book of Bobba Fett, Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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