Nothings On ep 429 And Just Like That the Mulaney cut

This week we were underwhelmed with Disney+ Day but we have a bunch of news and a few emails and a Thanksgiving lightning round? plus what we watched. and please check out Donny’s Tik Tok!!!!

Disney Plus Day, Dean Stockwell, Creed 3, Red Notice, Star Wars Galactic Star Cruiser, Star Wars Holiday, WWE, Brittany Spears, Sex and The City, Squid Game, Dr Who, Star Trek Podigy, Jason Mamoa + David Bautista, Being the Ricardos, Rescue Rangers, John Molini, Mahershala Ali, Wesley Snipes, Philip K. Dick Vulcan’s Hammer, Labrea, Venom, The Xmen film franchise, Captain Marvel :The Civil War, Sucession, The Game, The Hot Ones,

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