Mighty Marvel Mix ep 96 The What If..? Wrap Up (Spoilers)

Welcome True Believers, this is the Mighty Marvel Mix, a Podcast brought to you by the Taylor Network of Podcasts. This is a podcast for fans of all things Marvel! Comics, movies, TV, merchandise, we’ve got you covered with news, views and reviews.
In this episode, your hosts Paul Shearman, Darrell Taylor and Colin Coughtrey are wrapping up our thoughts on What If..?, which is the first animated series from Marvel Studios streaming on Disney Plus.

The Watcher has overseen 9 episodes of twists and turns that have taken some of the most significant stories from The Infinity Saga and given them an alternate timeline where anything could happen. With some very recognisable voices and some excellent animation, what did we make of this series overall? Listen in, because we’ll probably tell you…!

We also round up the latest Marvel news, and don’t forget we’re going to be reading Thor issues 337 – 342 in our next episode as part of our new Six Issue Segment feature. And stick around until the end of the episode as we’ll announce Colin’s pick for the next Six Issue Segment. And remember, it’s Colin. So, it’ll be weird….

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