Nothing’s On episode # 410 Big Dick Wolf energy

This week the boys have a lot of renewal and cancellation news, a bunch of emails, Arnold does a lightning round, Harrison makes an appearance and we get to what we’ve watched

Hoodslam TV Renewals, TV cancellations, Riverdale, Kat Dennings, Ellen Degeneress, Golden Globes, Ultra Man, Bring it On, Cinderella 2021, Snake Eyes, Shang Chi, Free Guy, Knives Out 2, Enola Holmes 2, Jungle Cruise, Macbeth, hotel transylvania, Army of the Dead, Venom 2, Regina King, Bitter Root, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Eternals, Shang Chi, The Proud Family, ICarly, Clueless, Tom Swift,Science Fiction Theater, Pam and Tommy, Muppets Halloween , Special, He-Man, Lupin 2, Without Remorse, Mitchells vs The Machines, Jupiter’s Legacy, Castlevania, Ysaku, Law & Order: Organized Crime,Tell Us Your Secrets, Love, Death and Robots, Fried Barry, Dark Side of the Ring, Jerome Young,

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