Nothings On ep 389 Muscle Baby

This episode is packed with everything from the winners of the Psycho contest to Donny sharing weird fetishes to muscle babies and of course listener emails along with the tv/movie news plus what we watched.

Vin Diesel, Aldis Hodge, Jamie Fox, Rick Moranis, The Craft, The Witches, Borat, Black, Spinal Tap, Wanda Vision, Supergirl, Jon Cena, CineWorld, Heads of State, The Roc, Godfather news, Ryan Murphy, Cobra Kai, Cops, SNL, Ms Marvel is cast, Conan series, Firestarter, Hulu,Bless the Harts, Pen15, DickTown, Fargo, MonsterLand, American BBQ, Five Elements Ninjas, Away, Welcome to Sudden Death

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