No Apologies ep 377 The Dream is over

With CK away it’s a Brown episode.

The guys go into the Will and Jada news .

We all miss the bar on fourth of July weekend.

Juan builds a farm .

Alot of comics talk .

Raf reviews
The Death of Jean Delwolf Spider-Man
Superman Camelot Falls.

Juan reviews
Grant Morrison Invisables .

Gil reviews
Savage Dragon
Hawkeye Freefall

Darrell reviews
Marvel Empyre event
Immortal Hulk

The death of Dark Horse comics
Alien and Predator are at Marvel

Dean Cain is a nut

Dr. Sleep
The crew loved Dr.Sleep
Rebecca Ferguson shines .

Judd Apatow corner
The King of Staten Island
Knocked up
40 year old Virgin

How bad was Capone .

Hanzo the Razor.

Minority Report really holds up .

And the usual No Apologies fun .

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