Nothings On ep 378 Jim Does Dub Step

With Donny away it’s up to Darrell and Jim to keep the ship rocking while we discuss the recent tv/movie news such as

Solar Opposites, Crossing Swords, Perry Mason, One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest,  Cas Anvar, Tenet, Anthony Mackie, Margo Robbie, Michael Keaton, Quibi, Princess Bride Remake, Magical School Bus,  Enola Holmes, Lucifer, Harley Quinn, ‘Kids See Ghosts’ Animated Show,Boys season two promo, cuphead cartoon, Baby Shark, Brooklyn 99, Unsolved Mysteries, David Goyer adapting Foundation, Hellstrom, Cyberpunk 2077, Last of Us 2, Psych 2, Vagrant Queen, SyFy,Joel Schumacher, Dr Disrepect, Ron Jeremy, Chris Avellone, Perry Mason, Top Chef, Restaurants on the edge, Young Frakenstein, Real Genius, 

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