Mighty Marvel Mix ep 53 Get To Know Moon Knight

Welcome True Believers, this is the Mighty Marvel Mix, a Podcast brought to you by the Taylor Network of Podcasts. This is a podcast for fans of all things Marvel! Comics, movies, TV, merchandise, we’ve got you covered with news, views and reviews.
In this episode, your hosts Paul Shearman, Darrell Taylor and Colin Coughtrey are continuing our series called ‘Get To Know…’ which will feature some of the lesser known or more obscure characters across the Marvel Universe that you may well soon be meeting in a new movie, Disney+ series or comic book.

This episode, we Get To Know…Moon Knight. First introduced way back in August 1975 in Werewolf By Night 32, we look at some key stories involving Marc Spector, the Fist of Khonshu, from his introduction through his own limited series, exploring the background and treatment of his Dissociative Identity Disorder. We also talk about the way mental illness has been approached throughout the character’s evolution over 40 years.

We’ll be looking at his first solo series which started in 1980 and then discussing the many different Limited Series books from the last 15 years. We will also be talking about how we think this character will be portrayed in his forthcoming Disney Plus limited series and give you some recommended reading to check out if you’re new to this character or just revisiting something you’ve previously read.

Plus, stick around for the post credit scene, as we pay tribute to legendary comics creator Denny O’Neil, who sadly passed away recently at the age of 81.

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