Gotham by Geeks ep 173 Catwoman 80th Anniversary

To all the people fighting for equality for all we ‘Thank You’

We recorded this before the recent passing of legend Denny O’Neil who has contributed so much to the comic industry. Next episode we will be dedicating time to celebrating his contributions.

For this episode we discuss some of the upcoming Batman related events along with the recent shake up with the Batwoman series on the CW. before digging into the recent CATWOMAN 80TH ANNIVERSARY 100-PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR #1
Writers; Ann Nocenti, Will Pfeifer, Tom King, Ed Brubaker, Paul Dini, Jeff Parker, Chuck Dixon, Ram V., Mindy Newell
Art by
Ty Templeton, Jonathan Case, Steve Rude, Lee Garbett, Tim Sale, Pia Guerra, Kelley Jones, Fernando Blanco, Robson Rocha, Jim Balent, Emanuela Lupacchino, Tula Lotay, Mikel Janin, Cameron Stewart
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