Whats On And Or Coming To Netflix In April 2020

April 1st

40 Days and 40 Nights (2002) – Rom-com about a young man trying to remain celibate over Lent.
Alpha Dog (2006) – Biopic written and directed by Nick Cassavetes based on the true story of Jesse James Hollywood.
Bloodsport (1988) – Cult classic from the late 80s about an American martial artist who leaves the military to fight in Hong Kong.
Cadillac Records (2008) – Biopic of the record company Chess Records and the artists that produced music for them.
Can’t Hardly Wait (1998) – Romantic comedy starring Jennifer Love Hewitt where multiple students look towards graduation night.
Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke (1978) – Comedy about two stoners who smuggle a van with the army on their trail.

Community (6 Seasons) – All six seasons of the NBC/Sony sitcom arrive on Netflix on April 1st.
David Batra: Elefanten i rummet (2020) N – Swedish comedian presents his first Netflix stand-up special.
Deep Impact (1998) – Sci-fi action romance where a comet is on a collision course with Earth.
God’s Not Dead (2014) – A young student challenges his college professor and suggests God is real.
How to Fix a Drug Scandal (Limited Series) N – Docuseries looking at a drug scandal that gripped the US.
Just Friends (2005) – After being rejected, one man loses the pounds and becomes a womanizer.
Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) – Aliens in the shape of clowns come down to haunt us.
Kim’s Convenience (Season 4) – The excellent Canadian series about a local convenience store returns!

Lethal Weapon / Lethal Weapon 2 / Lethal Weapon 3 / Lethal Weapon 4 – All the Lethal Weapon movies (that matter) featuring the excellent Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.
Man Like Mobeen (Season 3) – British comedy series.
Minority Report (2002) – Steven Spielberg sci-fi flick starring Tom Cruise where they can predict crimes before they happen.
Molly’s Game (2017) – Aaron Sorkin writes and directs this biopic of Molly Bloom.
Mortal Kombat (1995) – Paul W.S. Anderson adapts the famous fighting video game.
Mud (2012) – Jeff Nichols writes and directs the Matthew McConoughey drama about a fugitive being helped by two young boys.

Nailed It! (Season 4) N – More home bakers put their skills to the test.
Operation Odessa (2018) – Documentary on a Russian mobster who sold a Soviet submarine to a drug cartel. This documentary originally aired on Showtime in the United States.
Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon (Season 3) – More adventures with Ash and Pikachu in the Pokemon’s Sun & Moon series.
Promised Land (2012) – Matt Damon stars as a salesman for a natural gas company but has a change of heart.
Road to Perdition (2002) – Sam Mandes directs this moody crime thriller about a mob enforcer’s son.
Saint Seiya (Season 5) – New episodes of the classic anime series.

  • Salt (2010) – Angelina Jolie action thriller.
  • School Daze (1988) – Spike Lee movie about a young man looking to pledge at a popular fraternity.
  • Sherlock Holmes (2009) – Robert Downey Jr’s effort in becoming the legendary Sherlock Holmes.
  • Soul Plane (2004) – Comedy about a black-owned airplane company.
  • Sunderland ‘Til I Die (Season 2) N – Docuseries covering a new season at the British soccer team.
  • Sunrise in Heaven (2019) – Romantic drama about a young GI in the air force.
  • Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas – Animated kids movie about an aspiring explorer striving to rescue the love of his life and unravel the golden secrets behind the Midas Papyrus.
  • Taxi Driver (1976) – The return of the Martin Scorsese classic.
  • The Death of Stalin (2017) – Historical drama about a Soviet dictator passing and the scramble to come up with a replacement.
  • The Girl with All the Gifts (2016) – Horror sci-fi movie nominated for a BAFTA about a scientist and a teacher living in a dystopian future.

The Hangover (2009) – The first (and still the best) Hangover movie about three friends partying hard but can’t quite remember the night that came before.
The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show (Season 1) – From the mind of comedian Iliza Shlesinger comes a fun, irreverent mix of kooky characters, sly social commentary and pop culture gags.
The Little Vampire (2017) – Animated kids adventure about a young vampire trying to stay alive with a vampire hunter in town.

The Matrix / The Matrix Reloaded / The Matrix Revolutions – All three of The Matrix trilogy returns once again to Netflix.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) – Romantic drama about an introvert taken under the wings of two seniors.
The Players Club (1998) – Ice Cube writes and directs this late 90s classic featuring Jamie Foxx.
The Roommate (2011) – Thriller where a freshman at college becomes the victim of a girl that is obsessed with her.
The Runaways (2010) – Coming-of-age biopic on the all-girl rock band The Runaways.

The Social Network (2010) – Multi-Oscar winning movie from David Fincher documenting Mark Zuckerberg’s rise to power.
Wildling (2018) – Horror fantasy about a teenager uncovering a dark secret behind her childhood.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) – Cult classic Western starring Clint Eastwood
Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll (2019) – Japanese anime movie special set in the Violet Evergarden universe.

Coffee & Kareem (2020) N – Ed Helms, Betty Gilpin, King Bach, and David Alan Grier star in this comedy about a Detroit cop who teams up with his girlfriend’s young son to tackle a conspiracy together.
Legacies (Season 2) – The CW spin-off.
Money Heist: The Phenomenon N – Looking at the impact of the hit show across the world.
Money Heist (Part 4) N – The Spanish phenomenon returns for its fourth part.

Nicky Jam: El Ganador (Season 1) – A look at the life and career of the Latin music superstar, Nicky Jam.
Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy (Season 1) N – A new spin-off series to the Dreamworks series where Lucky heads off to a riding academy.
Starbeam (Season 1) N – New animated kids superhero series.

Angel Has Fallen (2019) – The third title in the “Has Fallen” franchise where Mike is framed for the assassination of the President. Features Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017) – Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman star in this A24 flick

Mine 9 (2019) – Drama about nine miners stuck underground after a methane explosion.
The Big Show Show (Season 1) N – A former WWE star faces a new challenge, raising three daughters.
The Florida Project (2017) – Sean Baker writes and directs this drama about a young girl living in the shadow of Walt Disney World.

Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 (Part 3) N -Japanese reality series.
The Ghost Who Walks (2019) – Crime drama about a criminal who rats out his boss to get a new life.

  • Hi Score Girl (Season 2) N – Nex

Hi Score Girl (Season 2) N – Next part of the anime series.
The Circle France (Season 1) N – First regional variant of The Circle.

Brews Brothers (Season 1) N – New comedy series starring Alan Aisenberg, Mike Castle and Carmen Flood about two brothers brewing beer together.
LA Originals (2020) N – Photographer Estevan Oriol and artist Mister Cartoon turned their Chicano roots into gritty art, impacting street culture, hip hop and beyond.
Love Wedding Repeat (2020) N – British movie remaking the classic French wedding comedy Plan de Table starring Sam Claflin.
The Main Event (2020) N – First WWE movie about an aspiring young wrestler looking to become the next big superstar.
School Life (2019) – French comedy about a school located in Saint Denis.
Tigertail (2020) N – Alan Yang writes and directs this insightful drama that tells a multi-generational tale of a family from the 1950s to the present day.

Code 8 (2019) – Action thriller about a construction worker who gains superpowers and helps a bunch of criminals to raise money for his sick mother.

A Champion Heart (2018) – Family movie about a troubled girl who finds solace with an equestrian friend.
Chris D’Elia: No Pain (2020) N – Another stand-up special from Chris.

Fittest in Dubai (2019) – Documentary looking at the first prize male and female winners of the CrossFit Games.

For Love or Money (1993) – Michael J. Fox rom-com about a concierge at a luxury hotel in New York.
Once Upon a Time in London (2019) – a British crime thriller set in the 1930s.

Outer Banks (Season 1) N – Teen soap drama about a boy and his three friends looking for treasure.
Sprinter (2018) – Sports drama about a boy separated from his parents and moved to the US and gets into running.
The Innocence Files (Limited Series) N – True crime docu-series.

Catfish (2010) – Documentary on a young photographer who becomes involved with a gifted 8-year-old artist’s family – until he realizes something’s not quite right.
Despicable Me (2010) – The animated feature that introduced us to the Minions.
Fary: Hexagone (Season 2) N – More stand-up from the French comedian.
Fauda (Season 3) N – Next season of the Israeli action series.

Hail, Caesar! (2016) – Musical comedy with some huge names attached. Directed by the Coen brothers.
Jem and the Holograms (2015) – Family drama about a girl who catapults to fame off the back of a viral video.
Mauricio Meirelles: Generating Chaos (2019) N – Brazillian stand-up special

Puerto Ricans in Paris (2015) – Comedy starring Luis Guzmán about two NYPD detectives heading to Paris to find a stolen handbag.

Betonrausch (2020) N – German movie
Earth and Blood (2020) N – French crime movie about a sawmill owner and his daughter getting into a feud with drug dealers.
El Dragón: Return of a Warrior (Season 2) – Spanish soap drama.
Hasmuk (Season 1) N – Indian comedy series
Rising High (2020) N – German satire movie
Of Earth and Blood / La Terre Et Le Sang (2020) N – French crime drama
Sergio (2020) N – Wagner Moura stars in this biopic of the United Nations biopic of Sérgio Vieira de Mello.

The King: Eternal Monarch (Season 1) N – K-drama series about a modern-day emperor going into a portal.
The Last Kids on Earth (Book 2) N – Next book covered in the animated Dreamworks series.
The Legacy of the Bones (2020) N – Spanish movie about a detective dealing with a murder case that hits close to home.
Too Hot to Handle (Season 1) N – New reality series

The Green Hornet (2011) – Seth Rogen and Jay Chou star in this action-comedy based on the hero movie from the 60s.

Cooked with Cannabis (Season 1) N – New cooking series that includes weed as the ingredient. Not to be confused with the now-defunct Cooking on High that arrived in 2018.
The Midnight Gospel (Season 1) N – New animated (and trippy) series from the creator of Adventure Time for adults.

The Vatican Tapes (2015) – Michael Peña features in this horror about a priest battling an ancient satanic force.

Bleach: The Assault / Bleach: The Bount – Two specials from the anime universe of Bleach.
Middleditch & Schwartz – Multiple stand-up specials
Nicky Jam: El Ganador (Season 1) N – Latin American series about a reggae artist struggling to overcome drug addiction.

Coming to Netflix on April 22nd
Absurd Planet (Season 1) N – Docuseries for kids about wild animals.
Circus of Books (2020) N – Documentary on a gay porn store that’s been produced by Ryan Murphy.
The Plagues of Breslau (2020) N – Polish film about a detective who happens upon a killer using old 18th-century forms of torture.
The Silence of the Marsh (2020) N – Spanish film about a crime novelist who becomes caught between fiction and reality.

The Willoughbys (2020) N – Netflix’s first big animated picture of the year featuring the voices of Ricky Gervais, Maya Rudolph, Terry Crews, Will Forte and Martin Short.
Win the Wilderness (Season 1) N – Reality series where British couples compete to impress other owns of remote properties.

Coming to Netflix on April 23rd
Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 (Season 1) N – Anime series based on the classic anime franchise.

The House of Flowers (Season 3) N – The final season of the Spanish series.

Coming to Netflix on April 24th

After Life (Season 2) N – Ricky Gervais’s comedy returns for another down-to-earth season where he’s promised the dog won’t die.
Extraction (2020) N – New action movie featuring Chris Hemsworth.

Hello Ninja (Season 2) N – Animated kids series
Love 1010 (Season 1) N – Turkish comedy series
Coming to Netflix on April 25th
The Artist (2011) – Romantic comedy about a man who develops a relationship during the Hollywood silent movie era.
Django Unchained (2012) – Tarantino Western epic featuring Jamie Foxx

Coming to Netflix on April 26th
Bleach (New Season) – New series of the popular anime series – we believe it may be season 4, The Bount, but have yet to have that confirmed.
The Last Kingdom (Season 4) N – Netflix’s Vikings meets Game of Thrones drama
Coming to Netflix on April 27th
Battle: Los Angeles (2011) – Action sci-fi about an alien invasion on Earth.
Never Have I Ever (Season 1) N – Mindy Kaling’s coming of age comedy series for teens.

Coming to Netflix on April 28th
The Reliant (2019) – Small budget action movie
Coming to Netflix on April 29th
A Secret Love (2020) N – Documentary on two women falling in love in the late 1940s.
Extracurricular (Season 1) N – South Korean drama about a student who turns to high crime to pay for school.
Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story (2020) N – True-crime documentary
Summertime (Season 1) N – Italian coming-of-age teen drama series
Nadiya’s Time to Eat (Season 1) N – Cooking series with the Great British Bake Off winner.
Coming to Netflix on April 30th
Biohackers (Season 1) N – German thriller series
Dangerous Lies (2020) N – Thriller about a caregiver who comes into wealth after her patients die but soon becomes in danger.

Rich in Love (2020) N – Brazillian comedy movie
The Forest of Love: Deep Cut (Season 1) N – Japanese crime thriller about a conman and film crew documenting two women lives.
The Victim’s Game (Season 1) N – Mandarin thriller series

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