No Apologies ep 367 Quarantine Life

Darrell and Juan review The movie Bloodshot

Raf and Ck are going crazy at home.

Gil finds his happy place going to work for 3 days and in routine.

Darrell gets caught up on the news of the day with the Spanish flu.

Juan tells us about Coronavirus in Mexico and taking care of his parents.

How much television can you watch before you are bored .

Everyone even Raf talks comics .

Will Raf and Laurie and Kofi kill each other.

Juan remembers his trip to Europe and misses Euro Juan life .

Will comic cons survive.

Because Raf , Darrell. Gil and CK birthdays are in March and April they all suck .

When will things get back to normal.

Darrell misses John’s will Bars and restaurants survive.

Movie talk
Will theater’s survive .
Wonder Woman and James Bond and Black Widow push back.

Darrell and Raf miss the bar .

This show has the usual No Apologies podcast fun .


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