COVID-19 Community Free Manga Program!

These are unprecedented times, and it’s okay to feel a bit overwhelmed about the state of the world right now. When you’re stuck at home, staying busy is key to keeping your spirits up, and to help provide a little comfort in the new routines we’ve all found ourselves in, TOKYOPOP is offering a selection of our manga available for free as digital downloads until the end of April. We reached out to a number of our creators and they very generously offered their titles in this giveaway!

Click on any image to see the full list of available titles, learn a bit more about the creators and find something new to read. And above all, stay safe, be kind and take care of yourselves and one another!

We asked Shao Dow if he’d be the first creator to offer his upcoming manga for free. He jumped at the chance, and offered these words to fans:

“I’m a secret introvert, a self isolation day is a good day for me. But it’s not as fun when you’ve been told that you have to do it. And even less fun when you realise that the people around you are panic buying the essentials and we’re all going to need to start living in vaults underground. OK, I’m being a bit extreme (I hope). Anyway, for all of those manga and music lovers currently not living in vaults, I wanted to do something nice to help fight the boredom. All I ask is that you enjoy it, share it with your friends and WASH YOUR HANDS.”


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