No Apologies ep 365 Pretty Obvious

This is where we’re headed

With the coronavirus in full pandemic mode
Everyone is on.

The show is Darrell, Ck and Gil talking what they are going to do with all the mandatory time off from work.

How the virus has effected RAF and Juan day to day activities.

The films Contagion and Outbreak.

The acting of Jean Reno in Leon The Professional.

Patrick Swayze career.

Catching up on TV shows like Amazon Hunters .

The music of our youth.

The Beastie Boys and Eminem.

Rafael praised Anitta booty


Gil has somehow never read Art Adam’s Longshot.

Raf is loving Peter David and Greg Land Spider-Man retro Black costume Mini series.

Loves the new Thor and All Star Squadron old school series.

Darrell praised Tom King and Mitch Gerads
Strange Adventures as well as old school Nightwing.

Gil gives love to the current run of Daredevil.

Finally drunk CK and all his fallen soldiers of cans of beer he drank.

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