No Apologies ep 362 Bonjour!

Last night the guys recorded it was a full house with the entire crew.

The show starts with a review of Harley Quinn and the Bird’s of Prey.
We ask why it disappointed at the box office.

We talk the upcoming comic book movie schedule of Black Widow , Morbius,
Wonder Woman 84 , Venom 2 and
The Eternals .

Sam Rami takes over Dr Strange .

How none of us have turn on Disney plus
Since The Mandalorian ended .

Deadpool 3 keeps the R Rating .

The future of Fox films .

The backlash Oprah and Gail King are facing from the black community.

Gil Colon talks his job and upcoming trip to
Paris .

Juan Castro and Rafael Sanz
Review Doomsday Clock.

Darrell, CK and Gil review Scott Snyder work
Superman comics since hes revealed his secret identity as Clark Kent.
Batman death of Alfred.

The guys talk Rafael Sanz hot dread hairdresser and Darrell selfie at a hotel on a booty call .

The career of Jordana Brewster while dating Derek Jeter .

Why Darrell watching so much CBS shows .

And the usual No Apologies podcast BS .

Juan , Gil and Rafael talk the next time they will record Bro Chat.

And CK and family coming to New York
Next week.

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