No Apologies ep 361 Don’t Taze Me Bro

With the bros Raf and Juan missing in action the brothers left behind discuss Darrell’s fall into 70’s white music, the ridiculousness of the GIJoe cartoon episode Cold Slither, CK being so drunk he kept calling the Hulu streaming service Coolio. What happened to Kevin Smith?, Is that USAgent?, More Raf on social media , the craziness of NY city, Are there Spiritual Negro equivalents in other racial groups, Issac Hayes, Darrell watched Richard Jewell, Darrell singing creepy songs at work, The CW DC shows after Crisis on Infinite Earths, The Stephen Amell interview, Darrell does Green Arrow impressions, the No Apologies crew figure out a way to scam “a dinner with” prize, Gil reviews the Terry Crews and Ludacris film John Henry , CK ate the Popeye’s chicken sandwich and lived to review it, Wonder Woman 750, Gil has some new action figures, remember when Mr Terrific had finger waves on Arrow? Gil rides for an appearance of Amazing Man, the gang reminisce about the classic All Star Squadron run and much more.
Pure No Apologies fun hope you enjoy it.

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