No Apologies ep 359 We Are Old

With Juan Castro busy inking and Gil Colon preparing the annual New Year’s loft party
It’s the hateful 3 or Darrell , Christopher Keszycki and Rafael Sanz hosting a nostalgic episode.

The show starts off with a continuation of last week episode NI$$A Loki ain’t got no real job .

We talk about the news of Warner Brothers using analytics in the film department to determine what films will be made.

We then deep dive the New Mutants trailer
And discuss the Birds of Prey trailer isn’t for everyone.

We deep dive Star Wars nostalgia and how fans aren’t happy with any media if it doesn’t hit the nostalgic beats they grew up with .

We talked how delays hurt the crews enthusiasm for Doomsday Clock.
This led us down a path of the longest delays in comics history.
CK talked the long delay in Camelot 3000 issues from 1982 to 1985.

This is where the show goes off the rails as its 2 hours of Rafael , Darrell and Christopher Keszycki talking old bar stories old comic con stories Darrell vomiting at a loft Party , CK being awful at bars , Bar Rafael Sanz, San Diego comic con.
And we end up just laughing at old stories the audience has heard 800 times .
Then we realized Darrell can’t hit more than one bar a night on a bar crawl anymore even with RAF and CK going next bar .

It’s our usual No Apologies podcast nonsense.

For real we give you about a hour of real media talk and content but the rest is 2 hours of us Pulling a Prince in Purple Rain ain’t no one into your music but yourself ah ha like father like son lol.

Pure No Apologies fun hope you enjoy it when it drops .

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