Nothing’s On episode # 355 The Boys are Back

THE BOYS ARE BACK!!!! We get to some news, emails and we all watched a lot of stuff!!! plus a wrestling corner and we talk way longer about the She-Ra property then we ever thought we would

LetterKenny, The Irishman, Mandalorian, No Time to Die, Disney Plus, D. C. Fontana, Star Wars game show, Locke and Key, Pete Davidson, Gabrielle Union, Melissa Benoist, mystery science theater 3000, Burt Ward, Walking Dead: World Beyond, Snyder Cut, Free Guy, Peloton Girl, Planet of the apes, Black Widow, Ghostbusters, The Batman, Frozen 2, Wrestling, marriage story,The Report, Iron Fists and Kung Fu kicks, Toys we grew up with season 3, Us, Ad Astra, Necrotronic, The confession killer,

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