No Apologies ep 354 Ole Man Corner

Its almost a full house with Juan Castro at a Halloween party. The show starts out with a day in the life of Rafael Sanz as he tells stories of body guarding a escort in Manhattan shouts to Chris Garner and story time and the guys bust his chops about getting his dreads done by his hot hair dresser being a drug lord and hanging in Starbucks. The guys ask will Eddie Murphy get a Oscar nomination for Dolemite is My Name and how happy we are to have him back. Darrell Taylor talks his day of driving Miss Dasie duty . We talked Oscar nomination season should The Rock host the Oscars will Joker get nominated or will only Joaquin Phoenix get a nomination. Christopher Keszycki and Gil Colon talk Hickman X-Men comics. The upcoming streaming wars between Disney plus and HBO max , Jack Ryan season 2. Obama slams woke culture who will be the democratic party candidate. Review of Watchmen episode 2 leads us down the we old hole of Regina King , 227 , Amen , Empty Nest , Hal Linden Barnie Miller and the spin off Fish with Abe Vigoda and The Godfather . We talked the films of Martin Scorsese and the Bill Simmons podcast The Rewatcables as well as the Big picture podcast.

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