Nothing’s On episode #347 It’s a working title

This week Jim isn’t here, he’s passed out in his car covered in blueberries and waffle mix. Darrell is hung over after a week of “covering” the NYCC and well Donny wants to prove he’s still the funny one!!!
So Darrell and Donny cover the news (kinda)
the emails (sorta)
and what we’ve watched!!!
Donny is amazed at all the brilliant coverage from the Taylor Network for NYCC

NYCC trailers, Walking Dead spin off, Birds of Prey, Runaways, Star Trek Picard, Star Trek Discovery, Bluff City Law, Sunnyside law, Carol’s Second Life,Diahann Carroll, Jessye Norman,Warrior, Superstore, 911,Blackish, Mixish, Stumptown, The Conners, Almost family,

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