Nothing’s On episode # 338 #Oldmansummer

Jim took the kids to an old school video game con, Donny’s a little hung over from seeing Iron Maiden last night and well Darrell napped.
The boys get together and talk some news, Thomas takes us to Wrestling corner, some emails and what we’ve watched

Life After Flash, Hobbs and Shaw, Nolan’s movie trailer released Tenet, Mad Magazine, Black Widow, Black Lightning will be in the Crisis event, Runaways and Cloak/Dagger crossover, Joss Whedon The Nevers, Russi Taylor, American Horror story trailer, more info on the Falcon/Winter Soldier, netflix tuca and bertie canceled, High School Musical returns, Thor: Love and Thunder, Man with a Plan, Mindhunters, Walking Dead, The Boys, Flea Bag, Once Upon A time in Hollywood, Rutger Hauer, Midsomer, Orange is the New Black, Batman Hush,Axe cop

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