Mighty Marvel Mix Podcast ep 20: Not Far From Release

Welcome True Believers, this is the Mighty Marvel Mix, a Podcast brought to you by the Taylor Network of Podcasts. This is a podcast for fans of all things Marvel! Comics, movies, TV, merchandise, we’ve got you covered with news, views and reviews.
In this episode, your hosts Paul Shearman and Alex ‘AJ’ Jones look ahead to the official epilogue to this era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with our preview of Spider-Man Far From Home.

With the twenty-third movie from Marvel Studios not far from release (see what we did there!), we discuss how we think this movie will unfold, what we hope to see from a ‘un-snapped’ MCU, and where this takes the Spider-Man franchise in the future. With this being the last (currently known) movie in the Marvel Studios & Sony partnership, but not the last movie in Tom Holland’s 6-picture contract, we unpick the details of this agreement and where we think it will take the web-slinger next.
We also discover that AJ has difficulty identifying who is the director of both Star Trek and Star Wars movies, and who is the Owner of the Daily Bugle…!

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