Nothing’s On episode # 321 Donny and Jim are Moody

This weeks adventure Jim didn’t sleep! Donny only slept 3 hours! Darrell slept fine! A lot of news! A lot of people died! We watched A lot! Donny doesn’t like the Umbrella Academy? plus a few emails!!! and zero iTunes reviews!

Nathaniel Taylor, Katherine Helmond, Lisa Sheridan, Oscars, Steven Speilger Jonny Depp, Amber Heard, Gremlins cartoon, Peter Tork, X men Dark Phoenix trailer, Luke Perry, Hellboy Red band trailer, Brooklyn 99, Tyrese to play Teddy Pendergrass, Star Wars Galaxy edge , Lost Boys remake, Widows, Umbrella Academy, Doom Patrol, Lego Movie 2,The Enemy Within, Whisky Cavalier, Gaming corner, Orville, The Gifted, Gotham, Riverdale,

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