Nothing’s On ep 319 Clutching my pearls

This week Jim is hung over from a night of drinking and rollin them D’s and Donny’s pooped from preforming in font of a sold out crowd and Darrell is exhausted from recording 700 podcasts this week!!! But we still got together to checkout the news, read some emails and have a round of what we’ve watched. All that plus video game corner, wrestling corner and snuggie show corner

Liam Neeson, Terminator, Trench Spinoff, Taika Waititi. Life After Flash, Albert Finney,Pet Sematary, Chucky trailer, Shaft, Twilight zone, Walking Dead, Bad Boys spinoff, Big Shark, World War Z sequel, Woody Allen, Halloween, Wrestling corner, Deadly Class, Titans, This Is Us, Doom Patrol trailer, Russian Doll, Flash, Chicago Med, Documentary now,

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