Nothing’s On episode # 299 Skype Ghost

In this episode Jim is late because he was slaying his dragon and fighting Ghost Skype!!! Donny experiences technical difficulties, and comes up with a new movie!!!! Darrell is trying to keep the show on point?
We do the rest of the fall schedule, go through Brandon Fraiser’s career and wonder why Madonna was dressed like a homeless gypsy!!!
We are on the fast track to 300 and not a plan has been made!!!!

Veronica Mars returns to HULU, VMA, ratings, Big Bang Theory to End in 2019, Danny Boyle exits Bond film, Robin Leach, Sylvester Stallone workout, Bewitched returns, My Dinner with herve, Robot man is cast in Doom Patrol, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 on hold, Fall line up, Glow gets a season 3, Cloak and Dagger, Wrestling, Venture Bros, Insatiable, Disenchantment, Animal World, Insecure

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