Star Wars Conversations ep 65 LFCC JIBBA-JABBA

In our 65th Episode, two scruffy looking nerf herders discuss:

Colin’s encounters at the London Fim and Comic Convention. Such an awesome event,
He met the awesome Ray Park, a lot of Doctor Who’s, there was a start wars zone, loads of Tv & film guests and some great creators including friends of the show;
Jake, Ian Richardson, Simon Meyer, Frisbee man, Paul Butcher and Mike Collins.

New castings in Episode 9

Full Episode 9 cast reveal

The Clone Wars animated series returns

Mara Jade in Episode 9?

King of the sweaties Jon Schnepp sadly passed away on July 19th. His hospital bill is astranomical.
Jon Shnepp Gofundme and Paypal, please help his family with the medical bills:…

R.I.P. Jon Schnepp.

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