Nothing’s On episode # 297 Drinking that Xenu blood

The guys get into the news this week and spend a lot more time talking about the James Gunn then we thought, Darrell kills Mrs.Garrett, Donny watched a lot of bad movies during his hernia recovery and Jim watched The Meg….but the rest of us didn’t. Plus we get caught up on Thomas’ emails

Mathew Newton, Nichelle Nichols, Academy Awards, Ruby Rose, kevin fuqua, BlacKkKlansman,Next Bond, Sony, Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth off Trek movie, Talking Dead staff walks off due to Chris Hardwick’s return, Cyborg cast in Doom Patrol, DC streaming list, Supergirl. Mission Impossible 6, Superman: Death of Superman, Kate McKinnon, Ghostbusters, Taken 3, The Jackal, Amazing Spider-man 2, BvS Ultimate edition, Suicide Squad Ultimate Edition, Jennifer’s Body Uncut, 47 Meters Down, Castle Rock, Magnificent 7 remake, Venture Bros, Evo,

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