Tardis podcast ep 11 SONTAR-ANS DAUGHTERS

Greetings earthlings! This is Time & Relative DISCUSSIONS In Space (TARDIS), a Doctor Who podcast brought to you by the Taylor Network of Podcast.
Join The Captain and his two faithful companions Paul Sherman and Darrell Taylor as we embark on adventures through space and time.

In this episode we disucss:

We overview of the first half of season 4 , where we see the return of Donna, Martha , the Sontarans, the Ood and intro of the Doctors Daughter! And kyle Minogue!!!!!!

We provide key facts about the episodes and have spolier filled disucussion on key characters and developments

-Voyage of the Damned
-Partners in Crime
-The fires of pompeii
-Planet of the Ood
-The Sontaran Stratagem
-The Poison Sky
-The Doctors Daughter

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