The Grey Council: Babylon 5 Revisited – Episode 03: “Parliament of Dreams” & “Mind War”

The Grey Council is back in session: In “Parliament of Dreams” (S1x05) G’Kar attempts to foil an attempted assassination, while Sinclair finds some much needed companionship from an old flame. “Mind War” (S1x06) introduces us to the character of Al Bester, Psi-Cop, and how the Psy Corps’ experiments on telepaths can have disastrous effects. We also take a few moments to remember Harlan Ellison and his impact on Babylon 5. Join hosts Craig DiMonda, “Ironheart” Darrell Taylor, Jim Dietz, Anton Kromoff, and “Chubtoad” Richard Sheldon as we re-examine the third age of mankind, 2 episodes a week. Walk with Valen.

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