Star Wars Conversations ep 64 Force Ghost Frankie

In our 64th Episode, two scruffy looking nerf herders discuss:

– Announcement – Force Ghost Frank new moderator

– Lucasfilm Was Reportedly Developing A STAR WARS Spinoff Set In The Mos Eisley Spacesport

– Rian Johnson trilogy could be coming as soon as 2020

– How do we keep Star Wars special?

There are so many films, books, comics and tv shows happening so quickly that Star Wars no longer feels like an event, with none of the anticipation and excitement that we had in between the the three trilogies.

They are not going to stop making this stuff so what could they do to make this stuff feel special and keeps us (old?) fans excited? Please let me know and I’ll read your comments on the show.

-Force Ghost Frank’s questions:
— Thrawn, where Disney taking Sw after the current things in the pipeline?
— Will us oldies get bored of the direction?

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