Nothing’s On episode # 291 Space Forcin

In this episode Donny returns!!! We discuss the passing of Harlan Ellison and Big Van Vader. There’s some news, few emails, and what we’ve watched. Donny talks about DJ’s first movie, the Incredibles II and his upcoming fundraiser for his new album. Also Darrell joins AMC’s movie program, Donny joined Space Force and Jim is getting the house to himself. plus the guys wonder where’s Thomas?

AMC, A List DJ ‘s first movie, DC stream , Harlan Ellison, Big Van Vader, Matt Cappotelli, Mandy, Unfriended 2, I Horror Awards, It, Dolemite remake, Welcome to Marwen, Chris Hardwick, new casting for the Watchmen tv show, Escape plan 2, Runaways, Non spoiler Luke Cage, Creed 2, The Comedian, ​

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