No Apologies ep 303 Corruption At the Club

With Daniel doing art and Campbell being a good husband Darrell , Juan , Ck , Gil and Raf recorded No Apologies podcast episode 303 last night #CurruptioninDaClub . The guys talk the trailers that drop this week Deadpool 2 and Infinity War . Darrell says he’s over the hype for all the comic films Raf ask just the marvel films right because you never say this about DCEU . This brings back everyone’s favorite character the Numbers NI$$A as we talk the flop of Justice League and A Wrinkle in time that leads into what New Gods stories will Ava Duvony use in her New Gods film . Why the hot directors of color both black and Latino may not be interested in doing Star Wars , Marvel or DCEU films . We ask really a Spike Lee Nightwatch film that takes Gil and Rafael down 90s Spider-Man memory lane with Cardiac and The Prowler plus how much of a Spawn ripoff Nightwatch was . The guys lol at Rafael constant need to check in and post on social media . This brings us to the #CurruptioninDaclub segment where Rafael tells the story of being one of only two black patrons at a pricey Jazz club on his birthday and lol at a old Jazz singer trying to sing to his girlfriend , Ck tells how he tossed one dude for talking to his ex and scared another out of trying to buy his wife a drink , Gil tells the story of a gay man buying him drinks in a bar until he saw Gil girlfriend , Rafael ask the question is Juan Castro the best looking man in Mexico when Enrique Iglesias and MALUMA aren’t in town . We get Woke on the recent shootings on a unarmed black man in Sacramento and how the media makes sure white killers and terrorist are portrayed in a certain light . We talk comics the latest issues of Batman , Action Comics do fans still hate Damian Wayne , is Avengers No surrender actually good or is it just Prince Musicology , How great has Jason Aaron Thor run been , Darrell praise for the final arc of Bendis Jessica Jones run , Image corner Infidel , Maestros and Ice Cream Man . That Hickman Avengers Tweet . Ck and Raf rip Netflix Punisher Darrell and Gil are bored with Jessica Jones season 2 and fast Krypton review . Plus more of the usual No Apologies bull shit you guys love .


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