Nothing’s On ep 280 Jim’s a survivor

This week Jim battles a cold, Donny has a flashback to his worst concert ever and Darrell ruins Avril Lavigne for the world. plus Thomas’ worst movies of 2017 and Vicious smith sends us our most difficult lightning round ever!!!!

Avengers Infinity trailer, Black Panther Top 20th movie of all time Ava DuVernay to direct New Gods, Clarissa explains it all returns, Danny Boyle to direct next James Bond, Charmed reboot, Darrell’s knows Avril Lavigne, Donny loves Nickleback ,Key and Peele are back to make an animated film for Netflix, Lethal Weapon tv show, Tomb Raider, Jessica Jones, Thor Ragnorak, Batman and Harley, Book of Henry, Justice League, The Circle, Rough Night, Spider-Man Homecoming, War for the Planets, Wild Wild Country, Annihilation, Wrinkle in Time, Growinish, Ash v Evil Dead, , Love

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