Nothing’s On episode # 277 Whedon gone….

This week Donny’s MIA, Jim and Darrell are holding down the fort bring you some news, reading emails and of course what we’ve watched

​Tisha Campbell divorce, Whedon exits Batgirl film, Black Panther broke records, Annihilation, Bloodshot film, Roxanne Shante Biopic, Lost in Space trailer, ReBoot gets a reboot, Mark Hammil gets a star, Magnum PI starts casting, Halloween remake is done, Joel Mchale, Woody Woodpecker movie, Commuter, Station 19, The Good place, Hostiles, Disjointed, Dr Frankenstein Chronicles, Seven Seconds, Star Trek Discovery, Mute, The Alienist, Counterpart, Ugly Delicious, Seal Team, The Brave, Sarah and Duck,

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