Nothing’s On episode # 275 Come on Quincy!!!!

This week Donny is fighting a cold and Skype, Jim comes with the news and Darrell free styles. The guys all saw some movies and some trailers. We even snuck in some Supernatural talk

This is Us, Reg E. Cathy, Hulu lost 9 million, Solo trailer, Deadpool 2 trailer, Venom trailer, Jessica Jones 2 trailer, David Benioff, D.B. Weiss heading to Star Wars, Michael Bay directing Lobo, Warner Bros theme park in Abu Dhabi, Uma Thurma, Quincy Jones is telling,all, I Tonya, Thor Ragnorak, The Ritual, Cloverfield Paradox, Wind River, Supernatural, The Gifted, The Resident, Kabuki, All Eyes on me, ​

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