No Apologies ep 299 The Fine Line

With Daniel White still moving and Darrell Taylor knocked out we still had a full house for No Apologies 299 AKA Go Spit. The show starts with Chris Campbell fine line of Brie Larson Captain Marvel set photos . Rafael Sanz and Gil Colon share stories of having sex in the back of a movie theater and Bryant Park . Christopher Keszycki , Campbell and Gil review the second episode of Black Lightning . This leads us into a how crazy was James Remar in 48 Hours talk that leads into Danny Glover neck roll and the bad South African actress in Lethal Weapon 2 . We all take a trip down memory lane with our first MTV Experience Eric Nies 39 pack on the Grind Carmen Electra being fine ass hell during Spring Break on MTV. 1980 movie flashbacks , we laugh at the Murphy Brown reboot and ask where is Delta Burke from Designing Woman . Gil rants on Monique and Netflix , Rafael rants on being called a Number NI$$A . The Prince estate and if any of the unreleased music is as Bad as that Gangsters Glam Prince music video we found on YouTube. Comic talk as Juan Castro reviews Batman White Knight , Doomsday Clock, Marvel 2 in 1, Kamandi Challenge ,Venom , Maestros 3 and 4 Judd Winnick Outsiders run , why the Avengers story reminds us if Triumph in 90s Justice League comics .
We talk what’s next for the Astonishing X-men and the search for Wolverine , Uncanny X-MEN and X-men red.
We get really offensive with Raf back talking Olivia Munn rack in Magic Mike vs Halle Berry Rack in Swordfish .
That leads to a shout out to Chris Garner king of all Asians.
All in all a very No Apologies episode.


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