Gotham by Geeks ep 78

Welcome to Gotham by Geeks a Batman podcast and on this episode we catch up on some of the recent batfamily books Nightwing 35-37, Teen Titans #15, Superman #37-38, Supersons #11-12, Detective comics #969-972, Batman 38-39

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One thought on “Gotham by Geeks ep 78

  1. What makes Batman#39 such a bad issue, is that it’s not clear what Tom King was trying to accomplish. If Bruce and Diana are at a point where they’ve given up, where was the emotional revelation of that? Keep in my mind, that these are two characters that aren’t supposed to give up easily. So if they’re at a point where they’ve finally accepted that they’ll never see Selina or Steve Trevor (who is never mentioned) again, why not show two friends actually connect over that emotionally, instead of jumping straight into a romantic tease?

    Sadly, sexism has always been a huge part of how writers have depicted Batman’s love life. Having to keep Batman single and unhappy, while devaluing his love interests. Whether it’s the stupid ending of Hush, Catwoman getting her mindwiped after having been reformed and dating Batman, or Catwoman and Batman’s romantic history being reset for The New 52. Every time their relationship matures, the Batman writer has to screw it up, which prevents Batman from having meaningful character growth.

    I expect Batman#40 to complete the Superfriends story arc successfully enough. But for an arc that started off celebrating Bruce’s engagement, and incorporating Selina into Bruce’s inner circle, to randomly follow that up with an issue about “what if Batman banged Wonder Woman, because Catwoman wasn’t around”, was sexist as hell. Tom King did a disservice to both Selina and Diana, by even teasing the POSSIBILITY of them being involved in a Batman love triangle.

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