Culture Trappin ep 13 Number Ni$$ers

In this episodes the fellas reminisce about the start of Vibe magazine, the racist Alabama student who was kicked out of school, Shaq stops by to hear Julian talk about his experience at the recent DC in DC event, how well did Proud Mary really do in the box office? Really being inclusive in comics, Darrell goes on a rant about number crunching negroes, Remembering how hot soundtracks used to be and more

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One thought on “Culture Trappin ep 13 Number Ni$$ers

  1. Regarding Tom King’s Batman #39 cliffhanger; I’m expecting that the REAL Wonder Woman will team-up with Catwoman, while Bruce decides NOT to kiss the FAKE Wonder Woman, in issue #40. And I’m sure there are plenty of Batman and Wonder Woman fans, that wouldn’t mind seeing those two characters kiss and have sex under any circumstance, created by the writer. But the problem with that cliffhanger, is that not only does Catwoman not have her own book anymore, but she’s heavily invested in this love story that Tom King has been telling. He’s currently the main DC writer, responsible for her fate and characterization.

    Why would Batman fans care about his love for Selina, how much he needs her, and how she makes him better, if Tom King’s endgame is to either break them up, or show Bruce hookup with another woman? The outrage wasn’t about what Bruce or Diana would or wouldn’t do, the outrage was about teasing a potential outcome, that Catwoman fans would obviously hate, since Bruce and Selina are NOT on-again-off-again anymore, because Tom King made them exclusive, with the marriage proposal.

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